Fork It

Situated in the Food Court selling Hot Dogs




We are a company selling hot dogs, so if you're a passionate hot dog lover, you are in the right place!

Our frankfurters are imported every week from award winning butchers from Germany. They are produced in the most hygienic way with high quality meats, with spices & herbs grown by farmers around the world. They are naturally smoked to maintain quality and immense flavour.

All our hot dogs are served in freshly baked brioche rolls. Choose from pork, beef, turkey (Halal certified frankfurter) or vegetarian/vegan dogs then juice it up as you want with our wide range of toppings, or why not try one of our signature dogs? Gluten free options are available!


No Fillers, No Junk... Honest!

Contact details: 

 Tel no: 0151 352 9308